Flying High Dancers - List of frequently asked questions and contact details

What is Modern Line Dancing?
Modern teaches choreographed routines dances to a variety of music including Latin, Pop, Waltz, Jazz, Country and Irish, etc. No partner is required and it is low impact form of dance. It is an excellent way to keep both the mind and body fit.

Do I need to pay in advance?

No, our classes are run on a ‘Pay as you Go’ basis which means you only pay for the classes you attend.

Do I need to register?
Yes, it is safer to do so as there is limited space and numbers will need to be restricted

What clothing should I wear when attending class?

No special clothing is required but it is best to wear casual loose fitting comfortable items for ease of movement. A good idea is to wear layers which can be removed as the class progresses. Trousers or a skirt are suitable.

What type of footwear should I wear?
Correct footwear is vital and needs to be comfortable, low heeled and supportive enabling you to move freely easily on the floor. Footwear which sticks to the floor, sling backs and high heels are not suitable for obvious reasons. Trainers are also not suitable as they stick to the floor.

Regular breaks are taken during the class which time you have the chance to have a drink and rest. 
Bring your own drinks and snacks.
However, please always have a break if you feel you need one.

Is there parking at the venue?

Yes, there is ample parking and all we ask is that you park in designated parking areas. Please  keep non parking areas clear and respect disabled parking bays.

What age group will attend the classes?
Our classes are aimed at all adults 18 years and up. Classes are held in the evenings and are therefore unsuitable for children.  

Ask Questions:

Always ask questions if you are unsure of a step or sequence. There are probably other dancers in the group who are thinking the same thing but who are too shy to ask. 

Be Patient:
Practice makes perfect and the more you do the easier it will become. None of us learnt to drive in one lesson so be patient as it takes time to master all the different steps and combinations.    

Club Parties:
Regular club parties are held throughout the course of the year so all the classes can get together to socialise and get to know each other.

Your Name:
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If you have any questions, or want to make any comments, please give us your name and email address using the form below to contact us.  We will respond as soon as possible.

Or you can call LISA on 07984 757311
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